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NFMAIL(8)										NFMAIL(8)

       nfmail - accept mail for a notesfile

       nfmail [ -F ] [ -s ] [ -d ] [ -m mailrc ] topic

       Nfmail  is  a  mail-receiving program which takes incoming mail, parses subject and author
       information, and places the letter in a notesfile.  Replies, marked by a ``Re:'' prefix in
       the  Subject  line, are placed in the notesfile as responses if a basenote with the appro-
       priate title can be found.  Normally, the matching of titles based on the ``Re:'' prefixes
       is  done so that a match only occurs when the basenote titles starts with the remainder of
       the string.  Thus, ``Re: this'' will match as a response of the basenote ``this	is  it'',
       but will not match a basenote titled ``see this note''.	Specify the -F option if you wish
       to remove the restriction that matches start at the beginning of the title.

       The -s option tells nfmail to strip header lines from the letter before placing it in  the
       notesfile.   Normally,  all header information is retained.  The ``Subject'', and ``From''
       header lines are never removed from the letter.	The  file  /etc/Mail.rc  defines  default
       mail  reading  characteristics on many BSD systems.  This file can contain lists of header
       lines to be ignored when presenting messages to users.  Nfmail reads this file  to  deter-
       mine  which  header  lines  are normally ignored.  If this file is missing, nfmail doesn't
       strip any header lines.

       The -m option specifies further files, typically ``.mailrc'' files, to search  for  header
       lines to ignore.  More than one -m option can appear on the command line.

       Use  the -d option when you want the inserted note or response to be flagged as a director

       Nfmail usually appears as a mail alias in the file ``/etc/aliases'' in lines such as:

       problems: "|/usr/spool/notes/.utilities/nfmail -s problems"

       The dependence on ``/etc/Mail.rc'' for lists of headers to be ignored  should  be  cleaned
       up.   Perhaps  something  where	absence of the file means to strip all headers except the
       Subject and From lines.

       /usr/spool/notes/.utilities/nfmail      where this program lives.
       /etc/aliases			       Mail aliases (BSD UNIX)
       /etc/Mail.rc			       Mail configuration templates

       delivermail(8), notes(1), Mail(1), sendmail(8),
       The Notesfile Reference Manual

       Ray Essick (uiucdcs!essick, essick%uiuc@csnet-relay.arpa)
       Department of Computer Science
       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
       Urbana, IL

       Rob Kolstad (kolstad@convex.UUCP)
       CONVEX Computer Corporation
       Richardson, TX

				      University of Illinois				NFMAIL(8)
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