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SENDBUG(1)									       SENDBUG(1)

       sendbug - mail a system bug report to 4bsd-bugs

       sendbug [ address ]

       Bug  reports  sent  to `4bsd-bugs@Berkeley.EDU' are intercepted by a program which expects
       bug reports to conform to a standard format.  Sendbug is a shell script to help	the  user
       compose	and mail bug reports in the correct format.  Sendbug works by invoking the editor
       specified by the environment variable EDITOR on a temporary copy of the bug report  format
       outline.  The  user  must fill in the appropriate fields and exit the editor.  The default
       editor is vi(1).  Sendbug then mails the completed report to  `4bsd-bugs@Berkeley.EDU'  or
       the address specified on the command line.

       /usr/ucb/bugformat	contains the bug report outline

       vi(1), environ(7), sendmail(8)

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		   May 5, 1986				       SENDBUG(1)
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