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sendbug(1) [bsd man page]

SENDBUG(1)						      General Commands Manual							SENDBUG(1)

sendbug - mail a system bug report to 4bsd-bugs SYNOPSIS
sendbug [ address ] DESCRIPTION
Bug reports sent to `4bsd-bugs@Berkeley.EDU' are intercepted by a program which expects bug reports to conform to a standard format. Send- bug is a shell script to help the user compose and mail bug reports in the correct format. Sendbug works by invoking the editor specified by the environment variable EDITOR on a temporary copy of the bug report format outline. The user must fill in the appropriate fields and exit the editor. The default editor is vi(1). Sendbug then mails the completed report to `4bsd-bugs@Berkeley.EDU' or the address speci- fied on the command line. FILES
/usr/ucb/bugformat contains the bug report outline SEE ALSO
vi(1), environ(7), sendmail(8) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 5, 1986 SENDBUG(1)

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octave-bug(1)						      General Commands Manual						     octave-bug(1)

octave-bug - report a bug in GNU Octave SYNOPSIS
octave-bug [-s subject] DESCRIPTION
octave-bug is a shell script to help the user compose and mail bug reports concerning Octave in a standard format. octave-bug is typically invoked by the Octave command bug_report which is intended to be called interactively from within Octave. This provides the best way to submit a bug report for Octave. It creates a template bug report file and starts an editor on that file. The bug report will be sent to the bug-octave mailing list once the editing has been completed (this assumes of course that your system can use email). However, the user could also call octave-bug outside of Octave. Please read the `Bugs' chapter in the Octave manual to find out how to submit a bug report that will enable the Octave maintainers to fix the problem. If you are unable to use the bug_report command, send your message to the bug-octave mailing list, bug- OPTIONS
-s subject Specify a subject line for the bug report. Spaces in the subject must be quoted. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
octave-bug uses the environment variables USER, EDITOR, and PAGER which can be used for customization. VERSION
This document was last revised for Octave version 2.0.16. SEE ALSO
octave(1), bashbug(1) AUTHOR
John W. Eaton Department of Chemical Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI 53706 USA <> GNU
6 March 2000 octave-bug(1)

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