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mkpasswd(8) [bsd man page]

MKPASSWD(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       MKPASSWD(8)

mkpasswd - generate hashed password table SYNOPSIS
mkpasswd [ -p ] passwdfile DESCRIPTION
Mkpasswd is used to generated the hashed password database used by the password library routines (see getpwent(3)). The file passwdfile must be in password file format (see passwd(5)). Mkpasswd generates database files named ``passwdfile.pag'' and ``passwdfile.dir'' (see ndbm(3)). Data subsequently taken from the database files differ from passwdfile in one respect. Rather than storing the encrypted password in the database, mkpasswd stores the offset of the encrypted password in passwdfile. Mkpasswd exits zero on success, non-zero on failure. The -p option causes mkpasswd to create ``passwdfile.orig'', a password file in the standard Version 7 format. SEE ALSO
chpass(1), passwd(1), getpwent(3), ndbm(3), passwd(5), vipw(8) 4.3 Berkeley Distribution February 22, 1989 MKPASSWD(8)

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MKPASSWD(1)							 Debian GNU/Linux						       MKPASSWD(1)

mkpasswd - Overfeatured front end to crypt(3) SYNOPSIS
mkpasswd encrypts the given password with the crypt(3) libc function using the given salt. OPTIONS
-S, --salt=STRING Use the STRING as salt. It must not contain prefixes such as $1$. -R, --rounds=NUMBER Use NUMBER rounds. This argument is ignored if the method choosen does not support variable rounds. For the OpenBSD Blowfish method this is the logarithm of the number of rounds. -m, --method=TYPE Compute the password using the TYPE method. If TYPE is help then the available methods are printed. -P, --password-fd=NUM Read the password from file descriptor NUM instead of using getpass(3). If the file descriptor is not connected to a tty then no other message than the hashed password is printed on stdout. -s, --stdin Like --password-fd=0. ENVIRONMENT
MKPASSWD_OPTIONS A list of options which will be evalued before the ones specified on the command line. BUGS
If the --stdin option is used, passwords containing some control characters may not be read correctly. This programs suffers of a bad case of featuritis. SEE ALSO
passwd(1), passwd(5), crypt(3), getpass(3) AUTHOR
mkpasswd and this man page were written by Marco d'Itri <> and are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or higher. Marco d'Itri 21 March 2008 MKPASSWD(1)
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