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VIPW(8) 										  VIPW(8)

       vipw - edit the password file


       Vipw  edits  the password file while setting the appropriate locks, and does any necessary
       processing after the password file is unlocked.	If the password  file  is  already  being
       edited,	then  you will be told to try again later.  The vi editor will be used unless the
       environment variable EDITOR indicates an alternate editor.

       Vipw performs a number of consistency checks on the password entries, and will not allow a
       password  file with a ``mangled'' entry to be installed.  If vipw rejects the new password
       file, the user is prompted to re-enter the edit session.

       Once the information has been verified, vipw uses mkpasswd(8) to update the user database.
       This is run in the background, and, at very large sites could take several minutes.  Until
       this update is completed, the password file is unavailable for other updates and  the  new
       information will not be available to programs.

       chpass(1), passwd(1), passwd(5), adduser(8), mkpasswd(8)

4th Berkeley Distribution		  March 11, 1989				  VIPW(8)
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