Sharing Adsl Link

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Sharing Adsl Link

Hi guyz,

got a little bit of a situation here. we are sharing an ADSL link with
another organization. so there are 2 networks.
network 1:
has the adsl router and the whole n/w is on subnet 192.168.0.*
the adsl router has its ip as

network 2(now us):
we have set up a linux box running Centos 4.3 to act as a firewall,
proxy and dhcp + file server. our network is on subnet 192.168.1.*
the linux box has two NICS:
eth1: (varies since it takes ip dynamically from the adsl
router on n/w 1)
on our network we have a domain running on 2003 server....n our dns is
also on the 2003 machine.

from the linux box.....i can be able to surf the net, but all the
other client machines on our network (192.168.1.*) cannot access the
net. i cannot ping the adsl router or any 192.168.0* address from the
client machines, but i can do all that on the linux box.

now am suspecting i need a NAT....or a router to join the 2 networks.
however, i would like to utilize the linux box for the job (as a

Can anyone help me get through this situation....i really need to sort
this out!
or if anyone can help me get the client machines access the other
n/w.....i would be grateful...coz then i can proceed n share the link.
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