Using Net::Telnet in Perl to connect to an adsl modem

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Old 09-08-2009
Using Net::Telnet in Perl to connect to an adsl modem

First of all, congratulations on this forum! Very mice material!
This is my fist thread and it has to do with connecting to an adsl modem and executing some commands.

Heres what I do:

$username = 'admin';
    $passwd = 'admin';
    $telnet = new Net::Telnet ( Timeout=>10, Errmode=>'return',input_log=>'input.txt', Port=> "8081" );
    $telnet->open(Host => $ip_number) || print " connection refused.\n";
    $telnet->waitfor("/User\ Name\ :");
    $telnet->waitfor("/User\ Password\ :");
    $telnet->waitfor("CONF\ :\>");
    $telnet->print('monitor adsl history');
    $telnet->waitfor("CONF\ :\>");
    $telnet->print('monitor ppp');
    $telnet->waitfor("CONF\ :\>");
    $telnet->waitfor("USER\ :\>");
    $telnet->waitfor("Do\ you\ want\ to\ disconnect\(y\/n\)\ \?\ \ :");

But it does not work. Nothing gets printed on input.txt file.
My guess is that something goes wrong with the waitfor() subs as the connection hungs-up after exiting, as I cannot connect again.
Below is a copy-paste of the output when doing it manually.
Thanks in advance!


[portal@noc-5 ~]$ telnet ***.***.***.*** 8081
Trying ***.***.***.***...
Connected to ***.***.***.***.
Escape character is '^]'.
User Name : admin
User Password : *****

 Telnet Manager Version 1.21.1S-O

Type ? for Command-Sensitive Help, TAB match command

CONF :> monitor adsl history

(1) ADSL Run-time Information:

 <ADSL History>
      Date Time         Data Rate(Up/Dw)  Noise Margin(U/D) Attenuation(U/D)
 --------------------- ------------------ ----------------- ----------------
 [09/08/2009 17:13:30]  1023/20476 Kbps        13/16 dB          0/ 3 dB
 [09/08/2009 17:18:30]  1023/20476 Kbps        13/16 dB          0/ 3 dB

CONF :> monitor ppp

 <PPP Session Status>
 No       Date Time       Status  Reason
 -- --------------------- ------ ----------------------------------------
  1 [08/01/2003 00:02:08]    Up  If(PPPoE1) PPP connection ok !

 <PPP Failure History>
 There is no failure log.

CONF :> exit

USER :> exit

Do you want to disconnect(y/n) ?  : y

 Disconnect by user.....Connection closed by foreign host.

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Old 09-08-2009
I think you are suppose to tell it a prompt type (e.g. bash). Try using to dump_log(), instead of input_log(), for debugging purposes anyways.

This may shed some more light on the subject if you haven't read it all ready that is:

Net::Telnet -
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Old 09-08-2009
If I have understood correctly, defining a prompt is the same thing as using the waitfor() sub
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