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Old 08-24-2001
How do I configure TCP/IP

How do I configure TCP/IP on an old SCO UNIX 3.2 v4.0

I can't seem to find any type of documentation on it.

Can someone give me step by step info or refer some type of article?
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Old 08-25-2001
What do you mean configure tcp/ip? Networking is intrinsic to the *IX OS, could you be a bit more specific please.

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Old 08-27-2001
configuring TCP/IP

I need to change the gateway, IP address, subnet mask...

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Old 08-27-2001
gateway: /etc/defaultrouter
subnet mask: /etc/netmasks
IP address: man ifconfig

if your changeing hostname also you need to change:

This is how it is on my solaris machines. AIX is a bit differant from what i saw.

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Old 08-27-2001
thanx for your reply

Thanx for the reply. One more thing, the system is an SCO 3.2 v.4.2 machine it's about 7 years old. Will the configuration you just sent me still work with it, even though the machine is pretty old?
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Old 08-27-2001
teh date of a machine is not really an important matter. On sco i dont know if its files are in the same place as i mentioned. but on most versions of unix what i said is true.
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Old 08-27-2001
configuring SCO networking

You may want to use "sysadmsh"
to do this. Look at the "Network" menu.

You may also want to look at the "route"
man page.
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