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Old 10-24-2001
Hammer & Screwdriver configure TCP/IP for solsris 8

I have 4 unix (Solaris 8) stations need to setup on network.
what is a easy way and quick to setup TCP/IP so I can bring it online?. Please advise!
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Old 10-24-2001
As long as the OS is installed, just create an entry for the machine with it's IP address in /etc/hosts. If it exists, make sure it's right.

Create a file called /etc/hostname.hme0 (or whatever network interface is on your machine) with the hostname in it.

Set up a /etc/defaultrouter file with the ip address of your router.


Should be it. There could be other things you might need to do, depending on how your network setup is, but this should get you going.
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Old 10-24-2001
thanks, it worked
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Old 10-24-2001

No problem. Smilie
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