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Old 08-01-2001
Question ? Configuring a Quad-Port card ?

I am running Solaris 2.6 on a Sparc 10. I just installed my Quad-card and I am able to assign IP addresses to each port and PING out. I have created the "hostname.qe0 - hostname.qe3" files and added the appropriate IP address of each port to each file. When I reboot, none of the settings stay. I have to manually add the IP addresses to each port again. The integrated NIC's setting are fine (le0). When the system is loading it replies with:
qe0 - Link state down
qe1 - Link state down
qe2 - Link state down
qe3 - Link state down

This is the command I use to configure the Ip addresses:

ifconfig qe0 up

Why aren't the IP addresses being saved?

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Old 08-02-2001

I believe the interface of Quad_card should be qfe0 not qe0.

*The /etc/hostname.qfe0 file must contain the host name for the appropriate network interface.
*The host name should have an IP address that will need to be entered in the /etc/hosts file.
*The host name should be different from any other host name of any other interface, for example: /etc/hostname.hme0 and /etc/hostname.qfe2 cannot share the same host name.

Then, you should get those interfaces associated with their ip addr after rebooting.
Hope this helpSmilie
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