Starting sun raid manager for A1000

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Old 09-05-2002
Starting sun raid manager for A1000

Can anyone tell me the syntax for starting Raid manager on a A1000?
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Old 09-05-2002
For starting the GUI interface - /usr/lib/osa/bin/rm6 but it all has to be configured before starting that....

check out the documentation at Sun Docs - Raid Manager Software and RAID Manager Install / Support Guide
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Old 09-05-2002
Depending on what version of sun storEdge you running

sun storEdge Raid Manger version 6.1.1
runs in the following directory


while version 6.22

run in /usr/lib/osa/bin/rm6

your best bet is to issue

find / -name rm6

Add the path to your .profile or .cshrs
so that you will only need to type rm6
to start sun storEdge Raid Manager in future
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