Raid A1000 with E450 and E250.

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Old 07-24-2002
Raid A1000 with E450 and E250.


I'm facing problem in connecting a Raid A1000 to E250 and E450. ( Both machines with Solaris 2.6 OS and patched, with different
scsi-initiator-ids - 7 & 3 ).

BTW, I'm not using this setup to access raid data from both machines simultaneously. There is Veritas Cluster Server monitoring these devices and if any one fails, the VCS will mount the raid device in the standby machine.

If either of E250 or E450 is down, the other machine works well with the Raid Box. When the second machine boots up, it gives scsi errors and even if it boots, it hangs in 'format' command. Even the rm6 configuration GUI hangs.

The E250 identifies the raid device as C1t5 and E450 identifies as C2t5 (because c0 is used for internal disks and c1 is used for tape and Cdrom drive). Is this causing the problem ??

Is there any way to make E450 to identify the raid device as C1t5 ?

( The raid device ( single controller, raid manger 6.22 ) is connected via PCI slot )

Thanks in Advance,
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Old 07-24-2002
You won't be able to change the E450 controller to a different number - E450 Doc - external scsi port but you might be able to add a controller - (E450 Documentation

I doubt this is your true problem - the controller should not matter between the servers. You wrote if one server is down, the other works fine. It's only if both are up that there is a conflict.

I would double check the set up of the SCSI target of the A1000, insure that hardware and software isn't conflicting (the rm6 and Veritas may have issues). A1000 set up
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