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Restricted File Creation for particuler pattern

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Old 10-23-2009
Restricted File Creation for particuler pattern

HI All, I have this wierd requirment. Any help will be appriciated.

I need to restrict file creation with certain pattern. Suppose, i want my system not to allow creation of files with *.exe extension. The requirment is that file should not be created like it happen in windows you can't create file with name "com, lpr etc etc" same thing i need in unix/linux..i want to create a rule saying that this system will not accept any file name ending with *.exe and *.txt.

Please advice..

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DIRVISH-LOCATE(1)					      General Commands Manual						 DIRVISH-LOCATE(1)

dirvish-locate - locate file versions in dirvish images SYNOPSIS
dirvish-locate vault[:branch] pattern DESCRIPTION
Locate versions of files in a dirvish vault The index of each image specified vault is searched for paths matching pattern. Each path found matching the pattern will be reported fol- lowed by a modification time of each version of the file and all images having a link to it. The optional branch specification will restrict searching to the specified branch. Images with an error status will be skipped as will any without index files. The index file may be compressed by gzip or bzip2. See tree and index in dirvish.conf(5) for details. The pattern is a perl regular expression to match the final component of the path. Append .* to the end of the pattern if you wish to match any substring of the whole path or $ if you wish to anchor the pattern to the end of the path. See perlre(1) for details. Directories are excluded from matching as they would wind up matching every file within them anyway. Symlinks are also excluded from matching. If the pattern matches too many paths dirvish-locate will only report the paths matched and not versions. As a sanity check if the number of matches is really excessive dirvish-locate will limit the number of images searched. Excessive matches is an indication of an insuffi- ciently specific pattern. Use the resulting path list to compose a more specific one. EXIT CODES
To facilitate further automation and integration of dirvish-locate with other tools dirvish-locate provides rationalised exit codes. The exit codes are range based. While the code for a specific error may change from one version to another it will remain within the specified range. So don't test for specific exit codes but instead test for a range of values. To the degree possible higher value ranges indicate more severe errors. 0 success 200-219 An error was encountered in loading a configuration file. 220-254 An error was detected in the configuration. 255 Incorrect usage. FILES
/etc/dirvish/master.conf alternate master configuration file. /etc/dirvish.conf master configuration file. bank/vault/image/summary image creation summary. bank/vault/image/index bank/vault/image/index.gz bank/vault/image/index.bz2 dirvish index file. SEE ALSO
dirvish.conf(5) BUGS

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