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Old 09-12-2011
Restricted File Comparison

Hey guys,

I've got a scripting problem that has been bugging me so thought I'd ask the wise people here! Basically I have two overlapping log files, and I want to get the newest lines from the new log file that aren't in the old log file - but not the old lines in the old log that aren't in the new log.

Say the old log file has this content:
1: Apple
2: Banana
3: Carrot
4: Dog

And the new log has this content:
3: Carrot
4: Dog
5: Elephant
6: Fish

I want my script to output:
5: Elephant
6: Fish

Essentially, I want a diff of the two files, but only include the lines that are unique to the second file - is this possible?

edit: It seems that I can do it with "grep -v -x -f file1 file2", but this has O(n^2) complexity so won't work nearly fast enough with files that are reasonably long. Any other ideas?

Thanks for any help!
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Old 09-12-2011
1. If awk can get the first file in its memory you can do something like:
awk '
NR == FNR {a[$2] = $1 }
NR != FNR && !($2 in a)' old new

2. If you don't mind about the order of the input you can use sort and uniq on both files.
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