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Old 07-02-2001
Killing Idle session

does any one know how to kill an idle session?
I want to kill any idle sessions after 30 min... Local or remote....
i want to do this without a script or TCP wrappers...i want to know if there is a file that i can configure.....


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Old 07-04-2001
By session, I take it you mean a normal login session through the likes of ssh or telnet?...

Luckily this can all be done through environment variables... For example:

To kill the session after 15 minutes idle...

For CSH and TCSH:
# set auto_logout=15

# set TMOUT=900

These wait for N secs/mins after issuing the primary prompt before terminating the session.

Put those in your .cshrc, .bashrc or /etc/profile

Hope that helps... Smilie
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Old 07-05-2001
Error Idle session???

thanks ajg,
but when you set this variable, does it end the session automatically after 15 min? or is it 15 min. after the session has been idle?Smilie
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Old 07-20-2001

it's 15 mins after the session has been idle.
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Old 07-23-2001
thanx but...this prameter only works for ROOT and not regular users. i have trired putting this prameter in .profile of the user, in the /etc/default/login, in the /etc/default/telnetd for telnet sessions and none of them have been successful...Smilie Smilie

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