Killing idle user processes

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Old 01-21-2002
Killing idle user processes

I'm looking for some help, please!

I'm trying to kill any idle user processes over 40 Minutes.

I have tried putting TMOUT=2400
within the users .profile
However this does not seem to be working.

We run aix 4.3.3
with ORACLE 7.3

The above works o.k. when the user is only within the unix environment. But if they are connected to oracle it doesn't.

I would be grateful for any advice.

Thanking all in advance
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Old 04-12-2002
Look at your sqlnet settings.
On the database you can look @ open transactions, as long as the user your trying to kill has no open transaction kill him/her at the os level.

kill -9 osspid

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Old 04-13-2002
Uning the kill command with the signal of 9 is a dangerous way of terminating a process. The 9 signal is an absolute and unblockable form of termination. This means that if a process has, for example, multiple files open or has a database open, although the user may be gone, the files can remain open or the database left in an unstable condition.

If you must kill a process, use kill with signal 15 or without a signal. Using kill without a signal, it defaults to signal 15 anyway, which notifies the offending process to shut down. If the process is written correctly, it will close down transactions or any open files and exit cleanly. -mk
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Old 04-17-2002
Also, look at the idled program. It isn't being maintained anymore, but it may still work in your environment.
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