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Full Discussion: calling sqlplus from shell
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting calling sqlplus from shell Post 30633 by LivinFree on Thursday 24th of October 2002 04:01:19 PM
It appears that you're using ksh, or some other modern shell, so you should be able to use the timeout option of read... to be honest, I don't know if it's work in this situation, since it should timeout "when reading from a terminal or pipe" - I don't know if a coprocess is considered a pipe in this case.

In any case, you should be able to say "read -t 30 -p RET_VAL".
If after 30 seconds, nothing happens, read will return code 1, and exit. You can place some code to check the return of read, and act from there.

Good luck!
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PIPE(2) 							System Calls Manual							   PIPE(2)

pipe - create an interprocess channel SYNOPSIS
pipe(fildes) int fildes[2]; DESCRIPTION
The pipe system call creates an I/O mechanism called a pipe. The file descriptors returned can be used in read and write operations. When the pipe is written using the descriptor fildes[1] up to 4096 bytes of data are buffered before the writing process is suspended. A read using the descriptor fildes[0] will pick up the data. Writes with a count of 4096 bytes or less are atomic; no other process can inter- sperse data. It is assumed that after the pipe has been set up, two (or more) cooperating processes (created by subsequent fork calls) will pass data through the pipe with read and write calls. The Shell has a syntax to set up a linear array of processes connected by pipes. Read calls on an empty pipe (no buffered data) with only one end (all write file descriptors closed) returns an end-of-file. SEE ALSO
sh(1), read(2), write(2), fork(2) DIAGNOSTICS
The function value zero is returned if the pipe was created; -1 if too many files are already open. A signal is generated if a write on a pipe with only one end is attempted. BUGS
Should more than 4096 bytes be necessary in any pipe among a loop of processes, deadlock will occur. ASSEMBLER
(pipe = 42.) sys pipe (read file descriptor in r0) (write file descriptor in r1) PIPE(2)

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