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PIPE(3) 										  PIPE(3)

       pipe - two-way interprocess communication

       bind #| dir


       An  attach(5)  of  this device allocates two new streams joined at the device end.  X/data
       and x/ctl are the data and control channels of one stream and x/data1 and x/ctl1  are  the
       data and control channels of the other stream.

       Data  written to one channel becomes available for reading at the other.  Write boundaries
       are preserved: each read terminates when the read buffer is full or after reading the last
       byte of a write, whichever comes first.

       Written	data  is buffered in kernel stream blocks.  The writer will block once the stream
       is full, typically after 32768 bytes or 16 writes.  The writer will resume once the stream
       is less than half full.

       If  there  are  multiple writers, each write is guaranteed to be available in a contiguous
       piece at the other end of the pipe.  If there are multiple readers, each read will  return
       data from only one write.

       The  pipe(2) system call performs an attach of this device and returns file descriptors to
       the new pipe's data and data1 files.  The files are open with mode ORDWR.



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