Operating Systems SCO Config FTP on SCO Like proftpd Post 303037396 by Arcanisgk on Wednesday 31st of July 2019 10:53:23 AM
Originally Posted by jgt
Not sure exactly what you are asking:
There is a version of proftpd for SCO, so you could download and install that.
If you are wanting to configure the SCO ftp server to provide similar results then you could follow the following directions.
Thank jgt.
but the problem not is around the installation of FTP Server with GUEST ACC,
the problem is around some time delay on welcome message.

and the mentioned solution works with proftpd, but I don't have it installed, I have the ftp server native to SCO and I can't find a .conf file to put the solution; then how is such configuration done in the native FTP of SCO.

i only find some FTPXXXXXX.@ Files
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ftpcount(1)						      General Commands Manual						       ftpcount(1)

ftpcount - show current number of connections for each proftpd server configuration SYNOPSIS
The ftpcount command shows the current number of connections per server and virtualhost/anonymous configuration defined in the proftpd.conf file. Connections spawned by inetd are counted separately from those created by a master proftpd standalone server. OPTIONS
-h,--help Display a short usage description, including all available options. -f,--file scoreboard-file Specify the full path to proftpd's run-time scoreboard file (configured via the ScoreboardFile directive in proftpd.conf ). If proftpd's default directory has been changed via this directive, ftpcount must either be recompiled or this option must be used in order to find proftpd's scoreboard. -S,--server server-name Specify the ServerName for a specific virtual host. If used, ftpcount will only show the session count for the given virtual host. FILES
/usr/bin/ftpcount /var/run/proftpd.scoreboard AUTHORS
ProFTPD is written and maintained by a number of people, full credits can be found on http://www.proftpd.org/credits.html SEE ALSO
inetd(8),ftp(1),proftpd(8),ftpwho(1),ftptop(1),ftpshut(8) Full documentation on ProFTPD, including configuration and FAQs, is available at http://www.proftpd.org/ For help/support, try the ProFTPD mailing lists, detailed on http://www.proftpd.org/lists.html Report bugs at http://bugs.proftpd.org/ March 2003 ftpcount(1)

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