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Old 04-24-2001
Hammer & Screwdriver

I'm using SCO unix - 5 as server and stallion board to connect my users on serial comm.

I want some of my files generetd on unix to be copied to one of my window'95 based system.

I can use crosstalk loaded on windows system to log in automatically and 'cat the file' which will be than stored as text file in windows.

But is it possible to 'transfer' the file over this serial connection to windows (i.e. using ftp) ?

Pl. help

Regards, shreekant
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Old 04-25-2001
If you are using TCP/IP as the network protocol over your serial connnection, then you can use FTP, which is an application-level file transfer protocol that uses TCP/IP as the network-layer transport protocol.
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