FTP credentials from a config file

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Old 06-27-2011
FTP credentials from a config file


I am using the following syntax to connect to an FTP server and paste the file.
Based on the value in the variable $Folder, i want to connect to different folders on the same server. The credential is different to access different folders. How to get the user name and password from a config file for each folder?

I dont want to Hard code the credentials in my shell script.

Folder= FolderA or FolderB.

ftp -pin $Test_host <<++
quote USER $USER
cd $Folder
put $FILE.txt

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Old 06-27-2011
How to get the user name and password from a config file for each folder?
Depends on how your config file is!!!

Pls post sample input (both config and folder) and expected output.

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Old 06-27-2011

Currently i have hardcoded the FTP user name and password in the script.

I did not use any config file.

Config file should have all the FTP user ids and password to access different folders on the same server.

Is it possible to use .netrc file? Can we have multiple user id and password for the same server in the file and select the user name and password based on the value in a variable?

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Old 06-27-2011
If the server is at a known, fixed IP address, you can assign it two names in /etc/hosts like this. Then either name will connect you to the same server.
Code:   serverA serverB

Then make a ~/.netrc file with both usernames and passwords. (Of course make sure ~/.netrc has file mode 0600.)
machine serverA login USERA password PASSA

machine serverB login USERB password PASSB

Then just access whichever server you want. The username and password will be handled automatically.

You may even be able to put macdef init in ~/.netrc for each server to change directories automatically. Though I'm not sure that works for every implementation.
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