How do you run Unix on top of Windows?

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Old 09-04-2002
Question How do you run Unix on top of Windows?

Okay, so here's my dealio. I have a (rather old) system that runs Windows 98 Second Edition. What i wanna do is be able to run Unix from it. My question is, how do you do that? A friend told me that when you boot up, the computer will ask you which OS you want to run. I'm really not quite clear on what that means, but... it'd be nice if I could manage that.

I really don't want Unix to be running on top of Windows, seeing as that would totally kill my RAM.

SO, how do I have two operating systems both on my computer, but make it so that I can choose which runs when I start up?

Thanks for the help.
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Old 09-04-2002
dual booting is what you want....

I resemble that remark. I have a "legacy" WIN98 box and I luv it!! Best version yet... Smilie Smilie

Search for dual booting on this site. You will find many posts on it. Also search for "loading Linux" or "dual booting".

You would actually defrag your HD then make another partition on your HD with Some partitioning tool like Partition Magic or some such...

Then load the new Linux OS whatever brand you choose ( Mandrake, RedHat, CAldera, SUse, etc...)

You can make a LILO boot disk for the Linux OS so that you can just plug it in when you want to boot Linux. OR boot Win98 without the disk...

My brain is your brain...
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Old 09-06-2002
Bug re windows and unix

on the same hd you must have 2 partitions
First: install Sco UNIX in the " first " partition,
after install windows 98 in the second partition
then run fdisk and set the first partition (unix) active
when restart at the boot message write " dos " for windows startup and " unix " for unix startup .
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Old 09-06-2002
That would require DarkAngel, (great TV Show by the way) to wipe out the current OS. that is a lot of work!!!!Smilie

Most Linux OSs don't require you to install them first. Mandrake and RedHat both will install on a 2nd partition with a Windows OS already on the system.

Just follow my instructions and use one of these Versions that allows you to install with Windows already loaded.

Some may require you to load it first like SCO or even an old Solaris OS that I had a few years ago. Some OSs require they be in control of the Active partition, but most of them don't require this.

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