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File transfer between unix and windows viceversa

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Special Forums Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions File transfer between unix and windows viceversa
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Old 02-16-2008
MySQL File transfer between unix and windows viceversa

My requirement is to connect to a windows system from unix fileserver and get some files then process them using shell scripting and database related will generate some output.i have to copy again some files back to windows system at some directory.

How do i connect to windows from unix? Does it need special connection establishments between these 2 unix and windows?if yes,could any one tell me the total procedure . So far i dealt with connection establishments between unix to unix by installing one servers public keys on the other server.

How do i do it between unix and windows?

thanks in advance.
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Old 02-16-2008
You could use any one of the following protocols.

Make a list of the server services and clients available on the two machines.

Decide which machine is going to control the transfer.
Decide if this is going to be a background batch process, or a user controlled interactive process.
What protocols are you familiar with?
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Old 02-18-2008
MySQL File transfer between unix and windows


Thanks for the far i have established connections between unix systems using ssh. so i am ok with SSH. Actually its Autosys controlled job.when the time comes autosys initiates this job ,so that ksh file attached to this job will that ksh file we have to write the code for connection to that windows system and gettting files from there and again connection to windows and putting files in windows server.

Totally this is an automated job.
How do i establish connection between windows and unix? and how do i connect to windows server from unix shell script. unix server is the controller.

thanks in advance

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Old 02-18-2008
Acquire Windows SSH server software OpenSSH for Windows

Add the required get and put statements for sftp into your ksh script.

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