File transfer between unix and windows server

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Operating Systems HP-UX File transfer between unix and windows server
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Old 01-24-2008
File transfer between unix and windows server

hi all,
I have two server(Unix tru64 and windows 2003 server).
these server's live running now.

The win2003server doesn't have ftp server. Also Unix server doesn't have samba.

if both server's have ftp server that no problem.

How to transfer file from windows server to unix by every minute?
(in share folder)
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Old 02-07-2008
use UNIX as ftp server, CIFS server...
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Old 02-08-2008
From experience. There will be significant timing issues with this project.
***Will you run the transmit end as a loop within a script, or as a cron job?***
Will you run the controlling end (presumably windows) as a loop within a script or as a scheduled job?
On the transmit (unix) end the file will show in a directory listing when it is opened, so how will you prevent the ftp process from transmitting a partial file?
On the receive end(Windows), the file will not show in a directory listing until it is closed.
If you repeat file names, the windows end will not replace an open file.
If the file takes longer than one minute to transmit, how will you handle the next loop.
Other considerations:
email the file, and create an email recipient that is a process.
Create an LPR/LPD printer and have the Windows print driver be the receiving process.

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