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Old 12-29-2007
Error regarding internal modems

I have two internal modems connected in my system.

For these two lines i have connected two separate telephone lines.
When i try to call from one modem through the telephone line i get connect message. when i try to call from the other telephone line connected to another modem i did not receive the connect message. I thought there was a problem in the modem. So I disconnected the second line from the second modem and gave it to the first modem(where i received the connect message) but still the same problem(i did not receive the connect message).

This one i did yesterday. but today both the lines are working in the first modem. Whether anyone see there may be any conflict between these two modems and how can I overcome this.

Whether it is possible to connect two internal modems and both enabled work properly
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Old 12-29-2007
There is no fundamental reason I can think of why one modem would simply not work, but I have often had problems with modems that the OS could see but not use, which invariably turned out to be configuration or driver problems.

Does the second modem work if the first is removed?
Are all the drivers installed for the second modem?
Can you dial with the second modem using AT commands from hyperterminal?
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Old 12-29-2007
I'm guessing that these may be winmodems or soft modems. USR defines a difference bewteen the two and they invented modems. Everyone else thinks they're the same thing. See USRobotics 56K Modem Education: What are the different types of modems? Whatever you call them, there may be horsepower problems. I could not download a file and watch a DVD at the same time with a softmodem. I switched to a hardware modem and had no problem. Two soft modems at the same time may present another problem... See: 56K.COM: Beware Soft Modems which says:
Winmodem configuration can be messy, because Winmodems use a range of memory addresses instead of a fixed memory address. Winmodems require a DLL file that loads into memory at startup, using some of Windows' resources.
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Old 12-31-2007
Hi reborg

All the drivers for the second modem is installed and I was able to call through the second modem using AT commands. Though the line gets connected I dont receive the connect message
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