Will You Get the A(H1N1) Vaccine?

View Poll Results: Will You Get Jabbed with the A(H1N1) Vaccine? (If Available!)
No Way! 24 51.06%
Yes! Absolutely! 14 29.79%
I'm Scared and Confused!! (Not Sure!) 5 10.64%
I've already caught H1N1! (Immune Now!) 4 8.51%
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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Will You Get the A(H1N1) Vaccine?
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Old 01-07-2010
Originally Posted by Neo
Homeopathic and herbal strategies are great for the prevention of diseases which do not have safe and effective vaccines.
Homeopathic and herbal aren't quite the same thing. A homeopathic preparation is intentionally diluted, often to the point where actually getting any of the molecules of what's been diluted is unlikely.

It's entirely possible for herbal treatments to be effective. Many modern drugs are duplicates or slight modifications of things discovered in the real world. But herbal treatments are only subject to the same rigor food is -- if it doesn't kill you, leach lead, or contain too many bug fragments, they're allowed to put it on the shelf whether it does anything or not.

I once saw a bottle of herbal tablets purporting to improve memory, even referencing a study... Intrigued, I looked it up -- the study was about Ginko's effects on night-vision in people with attention-deficit disorder. Buyer beware.
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Old 10-05-2010
Interesting.... most of us did not get the vaccine and we are just fine...

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Old 10-05-2010
It wasn't as virulent as expected. It had some similarities to the deadly WWI flu which caused authorities a lot of worry, but it wasn't the same; an article in "Science News" later noted a few key mutations which made it much less dangerous. (This analysis took so long the flu was out before they were sure.) I also suspect the rapid inoculation helped, even a few immune people can help a lot in the right places.

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