Will You Get the A(H1N1) Vaccine?

View Poll Results: Will You Get Jabbed with the A(H1N1) Vaccine? (If Available!)
No Way! 24 51.06%
Yes! Absolutely! 14 29.79%
I'm Scared and Confused!! (Not Sure!) 5 10.64%
I've already caught H1N1! (Immune Now!) 4 8.51%
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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Will You Get the A(H1N1) Vaccine?
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Old 11-04-2009
Originally Posted by Corona688
From the CDC: ...so hardly unaltered, infectious viruses. Otherwise they could save money by having infected people sneeze on you. Smilie
Actually you did not give all the facts by posting that. As Perderabo mentioned it is not recommended for "older" people ( over 50 ) to take the nasal spray. While it is not a full strength form of the virus, it is possible for the nasal spray to trigger a full immune response in a person who takes it and it is possible for re-transmission to occur.

So far with the H1N1 vaccine people infected by taking the vaccine have only been known to be vectors for the weakened form where re-transmission occurs, however this is control data since it is not possible to have a control study in a mass population and as such has quite a high margin of error.

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I've already had it and if not, my answer would have been no I would not be getting the vaccine.

To preempt the question, yes lab tests did confirm.

For me it was not really that sever. I only had 2 days of feeling really bad and about another 8 or 10 days to recover fully.
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Old 11-04-2009
Originally Posted by Neo

So, you already had H1N1?!! When? How long ago? Was it officially "determined" in the lab?
Was a few months back, and no I didn't report it, just hid in my room with plenty of fluids and panadol. I certainly can't be certain but it was a rapid onset (unusual for me - I generally feel it coming for ages) and I'd been exposed to a very likely bunch of cases for 1 week continuously around 2 weeks prior.

So I'm calling it 'probably' Smilie
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Old 11-06-2009
I voted No Way! but actually I will maybe get it a few months from now. Right now in the US supplies of the vaccine are very tight and only those at high risk (young children, chronic health problems, medical workers at high risk of exposure, etc.) are supposed to be getting it. I'm 41, healthy, generally have a stronger than average immune system (seasonal flu only once per 10 years or so, 1 or 2 colds a year) so I figure I shouldn't be making any effort to get a dose that somebody else needs way more.

If it gets to the point there's plenty to go around and no longer to they ask that only high risk people get it then I will. Until then I'll wait.
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Old 11-06-2009
I voted NO.

I do work within the viral industry, and would probably be within the high risk group, but I wouldn't take it, if it hits it'll hit, but if you'd take a look at the death toll on other flue dereviates you'd see a resemblance in numbers, the difference is this one is active within the younger population where previus outbreakes have been affecting the elderly and weak.

But why you might as.

I'll tell you why, eventho the vaccine (like anyother) is made from discarted bits of dead vira which should trigger your immune system but never cause you to get ill, and also has been weakened by adding murcury to eliminate any possible weakened/hlf dead vira. Theres still the long term exposure consequences, here I'm taking the side of the vira not the vaccined masses.

Allow me to explain, we've seen it in virtualy every hospital you can think of, when ever theres an infection you'd prescribe antibiotics, but lately theres an outbreak of bacterias which has become immune to the normal antibiotics.
But why bring bacterias into this you might ask, as they in no way resembles vira...
Allow me to deliver on that.

This flue was once a derivative of the swine flue, it evolved or devolved (depends on how you look at it) so that it also affected humans. And again I express the number of dead from this deriviate isn't much higher than the common flue.
Say what if we all get the vaccine, we all become immune to this flue (and as recent research has shown alot other deriviates to flue deceases) we've become unbeatable by the current level of the common flue at this stage, but in a few years the common flue will have evolved (and here I truely mean evolved) into an unbeatable flue which we have no means of protection against, then you'd realy see an epedemic, not this kind of media hype where a single death of a derivative from some flue (nothing at all like the birdflue) gives headlines in all the papers.

Not to be a party pooper, but at that stage I'm visualizing something like the plague, so call me a hypocrit but i'm not taking the vaccine due to the death rate at this point isn't much higher than the common flue season you'd see every year.
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Old 11-11-2009
I have voted 'no' too - because I'm probably more afraid of the needle than of the flu Smilie
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Old 11-13-2009
I just got the H1N1 vaccine. I spent days following leads to clinics that had it, standing in line, being turned down, getting a note from my hematologist, standing in another line, oops they ran out, follow more leads, stand in another line...etc. Not a fun way to spend 3 days! And when I got my shot, they had 2 more doses left and a line of people out the door (but maybe some of them wanted something else).

Well I'm worn out and my arm hurts. See you later... Smilie
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Old 11-13-2009
Congrats! I am envious!!!!

PS: You can change your vote in the other poll now (I fixed the problem).
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