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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? How Do You Feel About This Site?
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Old 06-16-2010
When I open up my browser, the first two sites I open is "" and "".

I tried to surf other forums but couldn't make my mind to be regular.
I simply like this due to various reasons which are already posted here for knowledge point of view.

In addition to that, I also like the design and user-interface of this site which I couldn't find in others.
The useful options, Quick reply thing, the "#" button for code-tags, everything is more user-friendly than others.

The page design is also good; what I felt about the vision,clarity and color management of the page; that I am unable to find in other technical forums.

Hats-off to everyone who provided their best efforts to make this forum what it is.
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gitaction(1)						      General Commands Manual						      gitaction(1)

gitaction - GNU Interactive Tools - per file type action script SYNTAX
gitaction directory file .gitaction directory file DESCRIPTION
gitaction is a script that executes a different action for each file type specified. It is called by the gitfm program when pressing F2 or ^Xa (see the gnuitrc.TERM configuration files in the gnuit manual). The first parameter is the current directory name and the second one is the file name to be matched against the default patterns. The matching is done using the shell 'case' statement. If you press F2 or ^Xa on a *.html file, gitfm will invoke a browser to view it, if you press F2 or ^Xa on a *.tar.gz file, gitfm will list the tar archive contents, if you press the same keys on a *.gz file, gitfm will display its uncompressed contents on the screen, etc ... If you press F2 or ^Xa on a *.gif file or *.jpg file and you have the zgv utility installed, you will be able to see it. If you want to change the gif/jpeg viewer, all you need to do is to change its name in the gitaction script. There are many more file types and viewers that gitaction knows about. In addition, if you are running under GNOME, gnome-open is used, and on MacOS, open(1) is used. see(1) and metamail(1) are also used as fallbacks. If all else fails, the file is displayed using $GNUIT_PAGER. Feel free to change this. If you want to find out what the default action for each file type is (or if you want to modify it), just read/modify the gitaction script. The script can be easily enhanced. Just read it. The .gitaction script is a local version of the gitaction script. When started, gitaction tries to search a script called .gitaction in the current directory and, if it finds it, it starts it. If .gitaction's exit code is 0 ( .gitaction couldn't find a matching pattern), gitac- tion starts its own case statement trying to match the current file name (the second parameter) against its default patterns. The .gitaction script *must* be executable. An example of .gitaction can be found in the directory gitfm is installed into. (usually /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin) Debian users can find it in /usr/share/doc/gnuit/examples/. You should copy the example to the current direc- tory or your home directory and then modify it. BUGS
Please send bug reports to: SEE ALSO
gitfm(1) gitps(1) gitview(1) gitmount(1) gitkeys(1) gitrgrep(1) gitunpack(1) AUTHORS
Tudor Hulubei <> Andrei Pitis <> Ian Beckwith <> (current maintainer). gitaction(1)