Saving Perl scrpits in a UNIX Shell

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Old 06-18-2001
Saving Perl scrpits in a UNIX Shell

Hey, i am really new to Perl and UNIX, all i need to know how to know how to save scripts in UNIX? after i get done writing the script i type the command chmod 755 filename, but it I think the shell thinks that is a part of the script, i dont know if i am supposed to type in a save command or somethign before i type the chmod?
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Old 06-19-2001
Which tool you using to write the script?

if it is cat press 'Ctrl+d'
vi press 'Esc' then type :wq
pico 'Ctrl+x'
emacs 'Ctrl+x'

then chmod +x 755

to run the script:


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Old 06-19-2001
im using pico, i already figured it out though, thanx
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Old 06-21-2001
What I would do is open up vi and hit escape a couple of times, then type :r and the name of the hopefully saved perl script. Then hit enter. Press colon and type wq. Then do chmod 700 filename. After that simply type in the name of the script. I think that will work.
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