Saving of UNIX based e-mail on to local disks

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Old 07-09-2002
Saving of UNIX based e-mail on to local disks

Dear friends,

Someone please let me know how to store e-mail on local hard disk or floppy disks. I am using UNIX based PINE e-mail programme and the copy of this mail I wanted to store it in my local disks.

Thanks in advance.

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Old 07-10-2002
Not enough information - mail is already on the hard drive on the UNIX system. If you are trying to get it to a P.C., you can copy it over via ftp or by using a NFS drive (if available).

What OS and version of UNIX?
From Pine you should be able to save messages - see info at University of Washington Pine Tutorial

Are you running Pine on the UNIX server or on a Windows platform?
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Old 07-25-2002

I am using SUN OS version 5.6. I wanted to know how to save unix based e-mail onto local PC (not onto the server whom I logon).

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Old 07-25-2002
You would have to have the drive mounted - one way to do it is with Samba. Check out Samba
Another way is through Xvision (but this cost $$). You can find out more at Vision2K
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Old 08-07-2002
Assuming that you already have a means to copy it (ftp, samba, sftp, etc), just copy the 'saved' file in your home directory (i.e. $HOME/saved). If you don't have access to using ftp, you can always send it as an attachment, just compose a new message, and enter saved in the attachments field. So, for a longer workaround, you could get a yahoo mail address, send it to that address, then DL it to another PC or yours.
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