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Old 06-16-2001

by mistake I deleted all the files in
/usr2/symix/users/wfpsys/tpsc/ directory.
full backup has taken yesterday using "CPIO" command and I am able to view the files from tape also using cpio command.
but i couldn't able to restore back the files. Can you please help me immeditely by giving the command to restore all the files inside tpsc directory. Please it is a urgent request. Advance thanks.
Please contact me at ::email removed::

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Old 06-18-2001
cpio -icdB < [name_of_cpio_archive]

If you want a verbose listing of each file as it is extracted include the v flag. If you get a block error omit the B flag.

Hope this helps.

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Old 06-18-2001
Bug REG: cpio

Thank you.

I used

cpio -icvdumB "usr2/symix/users/wfpsys/tpsc/*.*" < /dev/rst5

above command restored all the files to tpsc directory from the tape drive.
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