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Old 06-15-2001
Data Solaris8(intel)

I have just recently installed solaris8 on my box, and got two minor problems: Based on the size of partitions i should have approx 10gigs of mem., but the system registeres 0 space available on my harddrive....That problem results in a slight inability to install any apps... The second problem is that i am unable to power the comp down with "halt" Can somebody offer some input with regards to these annoyancesSmilie
Thank you all in advance
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Old 06-15-2001
do a df -k and list that output.
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Old 06-16-2001
What you should probably do is reinstall with
customized partitions. The default that is
provided will cause your /(root) partition to
fill up in no time. What do you have a 10 GB
hard drive? If you do I'd consider using 10%
for root....10% for export home..40%for /usr..
..%40 for /opt. These are just a guess as I don't
know what you're using the machine for. /usr is
where most utilities and programs will default to
when installed. /opt is typically used for
installing other major apps like Oracle. If you
post saying what you use the box for you will
probably get better suggestions.
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Old 06-16-2001
Sorry...forgot about your second issue.
try using init 0 to shutdown or init 6 to reboot.
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