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Old 10-21-2002
The SANs report for SSH vulnerabilities is for older releases and in particular and more broadly open SSH releases. My advise would be to not quickly berate SSH just because of that. SSH (older versions) had problems, but with the exception for a trogan at the OpenSSH and mirror sites, the commercial distributions (like SSH) are much more secure than FTP, etc.

A single release problem ior two in an application does not merit the negative SSH blurbs. Recent releases are fine...... so far Smilie Let's tone down the SSH negative comments. Might be better to say:

"with SSH, make sure you are using the most recent version..."

because the recent version is OK, according to SANS ......

OBTW: this applies to just about all software Smilie
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Old 10-22-2002
I understand that, I definitely use ssh when connecting via the internet. I don't think it's right to dump on FTP or telnet, though, especially when similar problems occur with other protocols/applications.

The problem with so-called "secure" software, like ssh, is that it's taken for granted. Most users jump and say what the poster above said. Security is about mitigating the ineviatable. There is no security catch-all. Let's not delude ourselves.

So are you more likely to get your passwords sniffed by some man-in-the-middle, or are you more likely to get hit by the next ssh-exploiting worm that floats by? It's hard to say...

And don't forget, the versions with holes in them were at one time "the most recent version"... Smilie

My point was that ssh is not foolproof. It takes as much work to secure a box with only ssh remote access as it does to secure one using telnet or ftp or whatever. I by no means think everyone should stop using ssh, but I also don't believe that telnet should not be used either.
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Old 10-23-2002
I don't want to interrupt your ssh debate, but I would like to point out another option. The company that I work for uses ftp to distribute data to our clients. I don't like ftp very much. But we have to use a protocol that is widely available to our clients. This simply shuts the door on sftp.

But just about every web browser can handle HTTPS. It has its flaws too. But it's firewall friendly. It is truly very secure. If you really trust that "third party" who issues the certificates, you can argue that it is more secure than ssh because the "initial contact" problem goes away.

And HTTPS runs on a service called SSL which really could be used for any TCP based service. Yeah, that's a big "could be". But HTTPS is very secure and very available today.

I haven't had much luck promoting HTTPS around here. Still, I thought it might be worth a mention in this thread...
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