how to start my gtk+

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Old 10-14-2002
how to start my gtk+


i am a total dummy of unix. i am not used to the unix convention and practice.

currently i am trying to install and use the solaris GUI based ftp program called gtk+ (gtk+-1.2.10-sol8-sparc-local.gz). i downloaded it and installed it successfully on my Sun Solaris sparc version 8.

now, my next headache. how to start it ?? i tried to read the README and INSTALL document, however failed to understand.

it said i need to do something like ./configure and make. but what i downloaded is not the source code version.

anyone has used this program before? pls enlighten me on how to do.

urgent. and thank u very much.

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Old 10-15-2002
Uhhh... gtk+ isn't an FTP client. It's a graphical tool that may be needed by some version of an FTP client you want.
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Old 10-15-2002
Dear LivinFree,

Thank you for your information.

What I want, actually, is a GUI based ftp program in my Unix environment, something like cute-Ftp or WsFtp in Windows platform.

So now I have installed the gtk+. I just don't know how to start it up and continue. Could you please give me some light and bulb.

Thank you very much and have a very nice day.
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Old 10-16-2002
Well, since you have gtk+installed anyways, you may want to try something that uses it, like gFtp:
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Old 10-18-2002
mission completed. thanks
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