How to Enable locked root account

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Old 10-03-2002
How to Enable locked root account

Hi Every one

I disable the root account entering wrong password for many time
How can I enable the root account

I am using Tru64 Unix V4.0G

Thank you
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Old 10-04-2002
There has to be some backup user account with root permissions.
If u are the administrator, you should be knowing abt it.

Still if u can't recall your password, there is another way of recovering.
We generally have have an alternate root filesystem which is not mounted in multi-user mode.
There the passwd file will be available. It all depends on when you had updated it.
Also this needs you to recall your last few passwords.

Hope it might help u in some way.

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Old 10-04-2002
Well, there shouldn't necessarily be another account with root access - that's not the best idea to have lying around. Besides, who would know that password if they couldn't remember root's?

Some systems, you can boot into single user, and "be" root without knowing the root password.
On many systems, you'll have to boot on mini-root or off of some media (floppy, cdrom, etc) depending on your version on Unix. Since I am not familiar with Tru64, I can only suggest what may possibly help in a generic fashion.

1) Boot into single-user, mini-root, floppy, disk, or whatever
2) mount the device holding your /etc partition
3) edit the passwd file (or shadow if you're using shadow passwords) to remove the root password altogether
4) boot normally, and change root's password to one you'll remember!

Keep in mind that this possibly won't work if you're using something like NIS, or if the OS doesn't store passwords in a flat file like passwd or shadow.

Search Google for details on how to boot into single user, or off of another media.
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