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Re-enabling a locked root account on Trusted HP-UX


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Old Unix and Linux 02-17-2006   -   Original Discussion by Perderabo
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Re-enabling a locked root account on Trusted HP-UX

I knew I had had seen this somewhere:
Q: How can I re-enable my root account when I typed in my password wrong 3 times and the account got disabled?

A: When your HP-UX system is in the more secure "trusted system" mode, your account is automatically disabled after 
you have entered your password incorrectly 3 times in a row. At this point, even if you enter the correct password, 
you will not be allowed access into the account.

There are a few options to re-enable the account:

    * If you have access to the system console you can login using the root account from the console (this will automatically 
       re-enable the account). Even when the account is disabled, login from the console will be allowed by default.
    * If you have another root account on the system, you can login using that account and reset the disabled user account using SAM.

      To re-enable a disabled user account on the system using SAM:
         1. Select the “Accounts for users and groups” section.
         2. Select “users.”
         3. Select the user account that is disabled.
         4. With the disabled user account selected, go to the top of the screen and select “Actions.”
         5. Select “Reactivate” to reactivate the disabled account.

While I was looking for the above information, I found this announcement: HP-UX security features supercede trusted mode. So I'm not sure how much longer the tip on re-enabling the root account will be useful. But I will this thread into our FAQ on recovering root passwords anyway. (Yes, I know the this "3 strikes and you're out" business isn't exactly a lost root password.)
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