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Old 09-30-2002
re : inetd.sec

ya, that file is straightforward enough... but i am wondering about the firewall thing....

so ipchains or iptables in linux (its just a matter of finding the correct commans in aix, hpux, solaris) then we can set all these rules?

then how about the physical firewall hardware?

surely, there will be some differences
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Old 09-30-2002
Re: re : inetd.sec

Originally posted by yls177

so ipchains or iptables in linux (its just a matter of finding the correct commans in aix, hpux, solaris) then we can set all these rules?
Yes, if the firewall software supports the filtering capabilities you desire.

An iptables script is essentially a shell script placed into /etc/init.d. This is the documentation to iptables, which gives you an idea of how a packet-filtering firewall looks like and how it functions:

Of course you need to find out what firewalls are available if you use some other unix-based systems.
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