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need to restrict program exec and running

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Old 09-15-2002
need to restrict program exec and running

I'm on Freebsd 4.5 stable, havin question of that kind:
I need to restrict programs running, like BitchX for example, which can be dowlnoaded by logged on user, and i cant set permissions to all users to prevent that program from executing. And ipfw doesnt help me because of i need to allow that user connect those ports. Any suggestions ? thx.
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Old 09-16-2002
This may be a simplistic answer, but here goes.

If possible, I would restrict ftp and any r* commands that can be executed by users. If you can't trust them with ftp just take it away. That should solve your problem.

You should be able to create an ftpallow/deny file and any other restrictions as well with other config files.


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