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Old 03-07-2002
Running a program automatically

How can I make a program run automatically at a certain time of day?

My problem is I need to make a small backup program that will back up a few files every day?
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Old 03-07-2002
If you are using any type of UNIX, then a cron job would be one answer. Check out the man page on crontab and at. Either one may be what you are looking for.
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Old 03-08-2002
U have got the proper path previuosly.I shall just elaborate on that.I think crontab will be good for you if you have to back up daily.U can write in a file a time and cp *.c ./cbackup and give "crontab file" command.This way back-up will happen every-day(say 0 0 * * * cp *.c ./cbackup)at midnight.
Hope elaboaration helps u.

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Old 03-12-2002
absolute path in contab?

i execute a cript1 in a certain time using crontab. that script1 call another script (say script2). do i have to put absolute path in script1 and crontab?
do i have to use absolute path in crontab? i tried, it seems like that. why?
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