Backup Exec agent won't start... PLEASE HELP!

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Old 08-29-2002
Data Backup Exec agent won't start... PLEASE HELP!

Backup Exec Agent won't start....
Question: Has anyone had any previous experience working with Backup exec for Unix? I'm running SCO Openserver 5.0.5 and Backup Exec agent Version 5.01 Revision 5.032 Basically, these are the commands I'm issueing and here is the output.

# cd etc
# cd bkupexec
# ./
Backup Exec -- Unix Agent, Version 5.01 Revision 5.032
Copyright 2001 VERITAS Software Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
./ Using configuration file: agent.cfg
./ Agent configuration OK.
./ Workstation Name: "SMYTH"
Unable to get host address for NWAPPS1
NRLInit: net/service address not found for NWAPPS1/grfs
FindAdvertisementReceivers failed
./ Communication System Failure:
NRL initialization failed.

Now, I have absolutely no idea why this is happening. I have the proper entry in my /etc/services file for the port/service that the server needs. it appears (without quotations) as "grfs 6101/tcp # Backup Exec Agent"

There is also an entry within my etc/hosts file for NWAPPS1 (my backup exec server) and I can ping that box using either the name (NWAPPS1) or the ip addy (in this case, The strangest thing is that I have another box named MICROS1 that has the exact same config file as the box I'm having problems with, and it works fine (the only difference in the two is the name of the server that the backup exec agent is announcing to, NWAPPS1 vs. MICROS1)

Here is my config file (agent.cfg):

name SMYTH
export / as root
tell NWAPPS1
tell_interval 30
exclude_dir /dev
exclude_dir /var/spool/lp/FIFOS

If anyone can help with any suggestions on why the agent won't start or any ideas as to how to troubleshoot the problem, I'd really appreciate it. I also have the output of the errlog file as it apprears when I try to launch the program in debug mode here:

./ Using configuration file: agent.cfg
9990:Config File Workstation Name=SMYTH
9990:Mangled Workstation Name=SMYTH
9990:exporting / as root
9990:advertising to NWAPPS1
9990:interval between advertisements is 30
9990:Excluding directory /dev
9990:Excluding directory /var/spool/lp/FIFOS
Backup Exec -- Unix Agent, Version 5.01 Revision 3.401
Copyright (c) 1997 Seagate Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
9990:max concurrent sessions is 4
9990:Set_Config_Params: grfs_object_buffer_size=17408
./ Agent configuration OK.
./ Workstation Name: "SMYTH"
9990: Opening TLI device /dev/inet/tcp
9990: Initializing Advertisement Sending Process
Unable to get host address for NWAPPS1
NRLInit: net/service address not found for NWAPPS1/grfs
FindAdvertisementReceivers failed
9990: Inside RemoveNRL
9990: removing local resources
9990: removing remote resources
"agent1.log" 33 lines, 1286 characters


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Old 08-30-2002
I like to try and eliminate as many things as possible before throwing up my hands. Try these few things.

Just for grins I would like to see it work with the actual IP address.

Also, what are the parms for /etc, make sure it is 555. What is the parms on /etc/hosts at least 644. What is the ownership for backupexec? I assume it runs as ROOT?

Also, I would try to copy over the file that is working on the other box and change the parms to match this file. See if that file may be corrupted somehow, or if you have imbedded spaces that may be throwing it off.
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