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New Drive problems

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Old 08-30-2002
Thanx for replying ...
Yes the drive is an internal drive...
The drive is a fujitsu 3184 .. a low voltage diffrential
My previous drive is a Single ended drive ..
U kno maybe that is the problem ..

i guess i have the wrong drive .. got to get it replaced


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MLXCONTROL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					     MLXCONTROL(8)

mlxcontrol -- Mylex DAC-family RAID management utility SYNOPSIS
mlxcontrol <command> [args] mlxcontrol status [-qv] [drive] mlxcontrol rescan controller [controller ...] mlxcontrol detach drive [drive ...] mlxcontrol detach -a mlxcontrol check drive mlxcontrol config controller mlxcontrol help command DESCRIPTION
The mlxcontrol utility provides status monitoring and management functions for devices attached to the mlx(4) driver. Controller names are of the form "mlxN" where N is the unit number of the controller. Drive names are of the form "mlxdN" where N is the unit number of the drive. Do not specify the path to a device node. status Print the status of controllers and system drives. If one or more drives are specified, only print information about these drives, otherwise print information about all controllers and drives in the system. With the -v flag, display much more verbose informa- tion. With the -q flag, do not print any output. This command returns 0 if all drives tested are online, 1 if one or more drives are critical and 2 if one or more are offline. rescan Rescan one or more controllers for non-attached system drives (e.g. drives that have been detached or created subsequent to driver initialisation). If the -a flag is supplied, rescan all controllers in the system. detach Detach one or more system drives. Drives must be unmounted and not opened by any other utility for this command to succeed. If the -a flag is supplied, detach all system drives from the nominated controller. check Initiate a consistency check and repair pass on a redundant system drive (e.g. RAID1 or RAID5). The controller will scan the system drive and repair any inconsistencies. This command returns immediately; use the status command to monitor the progress of the check. rebuild Requires two arguments, controller and physdrive as specified in the output of the status command. All system drives using space on the physical drive physdrive are rebuilt, reconstructing all data on the drive. Note that each controller can only perform one rebuild at a time. This command returns immediately; use the status command to monitor the progress of the rebuild. config Print the current configuration from the nominated controller. This command will be updated to allow addition/deletion of system drives from a configuration in a future release. help Print usage information for command. AUTHORS
The mlxcontrol utility was written by Michael Smith <>. BUGS
The config command does not yet support modifying system drive configuration. Error log extraction is not yet supported. BSD
April 10, 2000 BSD

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