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Old 08-25-2002
Question Finding how done IT


How I can find how delete a drictory in the system.If there's 2 root one of them outside the country but we have WAN so he can access the network from outside >>>> we are using same account so how I can know who done it I want to proof that.

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Old 08-25-2002
Hi geoquest,

I'm not 100% sure what you are asking.

Are you trying to find out who deleted something on a remote computer. Are you trying to find the person who did it? Smilie
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Old 08-25-2002
It looks like something got deleted and now geoquest wants to prove the other guy did it...
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Old 08-25-2002
If it wasn't accessed via NFS, I would say have the SA take a look at the .history file for the user in question on the machine (if it hasn't already rolled off or been truncated).
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Old 08-26-2002
aus: the only prob with useing SA to look at the history file is they both used the same account.

Personally i would start with `last`. this command will give you something that looks like this.

just hope he didnt take his entry out of the wtmp file (semi clever way to be on a system and have no one know your on the system is to remove your wtmp entry so the system things your not logged in.

user1  ftp      Mon Aug 26 14:01 - 14:01  (00:00)
user2  pts/1     Mon Aug 26 13:20   still logged in

     The last command looks in  the  /var/adm/wtmpx  file,  which
     records  all  logins  and  logouts,  for information about a
     user, a terminal, or any group of users and terminals. Argu-
     ments  specify  names  of users or terminals of interest. If
     multiple arguments are given, the information applicable  to
     any of the arguments is printed. For example, last root con-
     sole lists all of root's sessions, as well as  all  sessions
     on  the  console terminal. last displays the sessions of the
     specified users and terminals, most recent first, indicating
     the  times  at  which the session began, the duration of the
     session, and the terminal on which the session  took  place.
     last also indicates whether the session is continuing or was
     cut short by a reboot.

     The pseudo-user reboot logs  in  when  the  system  reboots.

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Old 08-26-2002
In the future you might want to change the way you are managing user accounts. There are a number of ways to do this:

(1) The easiest (not very secure, but helps) is to simply not allow users to login directly as root from remote terminals. They must first login as 'themselves' and then 'su' to root.

(2) If you want more control, you could enable access control lists (ACLs) on your system and then only allow users to login as 'themselves' and then give them root / superuser rights/permissions for commands they need to do their work. This also turns on accounting so you can track exactly what they do.

There are other ways to help insure you can audit what others are doing. Very few, if any, experienced system administrators on a critical multi-user system allow direct remote superuser login.
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