reading directory for most recent file?

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Old 08-22-2002
reading directory for most recent file?

Dear All,

I'm trying to write a script that searches thru a directory looking for a most recent file and then scp that file.

I have the scp working, but I don't know how to browse the directory and select the most recent file.

The file name includes a date & time stamp (e.g. 20020822112501)

Any ideas?? I'm really stuck with this one, complete novice!
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Old 08-22-2002
Some questions

Are you looking for the file which has the most resent filename?
-- If so you can use the sort command, like `ls -1 | sort`

Are you looking for the file which is most resent touched (writing in the file)?
-- If so you can use the ls command, like `ls -rt1 | tail -1`

take care

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Old 08-22-2002
Thanks, how do I assign the lastest file to a variable that I can use in a script??
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Old 08-22-2002

depends on the shell you use


setenv RESENTFILE `ls -rt1 | tail -1`

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