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Old 07-23-2002
complete newbie

ok so i am trying redhat linux
and i create a partiton and install it no worries
then i start and i cant access any of my other drives
i can mount cd roms and floppies

so i am logged in as root

what i want to do is
mount the following drives
drive 1 ide partition 2

drive 2 to 5 seen as scsi drives

i want the drives to be mounted for everyone permanently
now i have had a look through the forums but i am a complete newbie at this and nothing seems to be exact

please help me understand what i need to do and how i do it
i dont care where the drives get mounted
and yes i know what the drives are called but they are at home and i cant see them

i mean

so far from what i have seen i like it better than windows

i have a nice looking os
and i cant access anything
so i cant get on the internet because all my drivers are on the other HD.

please help a complete newbie migrate from windows to linux
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Old 08-08-2002
Your ide disks will be given names such as hda, hdb, hdc, etc. Your scsi disks will be sda, sdb, sdc, etc.

So, for example, to mount the first partition from the second detected SCSI disk you would do something like:

mount /dev/sdb1 /mountpoint

To mount the third partition on the first detected IDE disk it would be:

mount /dev/hda3 /mountpoint

/mountpoint must exist, and must be different for each mount command you issue. You can make these mounts permanent by putting entries in /etc/fstab.
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Old 08-08-2002
Some additional information to previous reply.
For mounting other partions you need that your kernel compiled with support of filesystems of those partions.
For example, for mount ntfs partions you need ntfs.o module or this module must be compiled into kernel.
To check what filesystems your kernel support, if you are not compile kernel and use standard distribution kernel look at directory /lib/modules/<your kernel version>/kernel/fs You will find alot of directories named as filesystems types. In these directories there are modules like ntfs.o or vfat.o. If you have them, then your kernel support it.
By the way, just a little comment. Sometimes (if your kernel doesn't compiled with module autoload functionality) you need load this modules manually to mount some partions. To do this just type in command prompt modprobe <module name without .o>.
Good luck!
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