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Directory limit

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Old 07-15-2002
Directory limit

I'm setting up a file server for users. Does anyone know how I can limit each users directory to 500MB?

Runing Solaris 8
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Old 07-16-2002
Check google for 'quota'
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Old 07-16-2002
Re: Directory limit

Originally posted by merlin
I'm setting up a file server for users. Does anyone know how I can limit each users directory to 500MB?

Runing Solaris 8
You must log in as root to perform the following steps.

Determine which file system(s) you want to restrict the users' to. Example, I am going to put a restriction for user "aaa". The user home directory is "/export/home/aaa" and is residing in the "/export" file system.

Create a file quotas in "/export" directory.
# touch /export/quotas

Set the size limit for user "aaa" and edit the soft and hard limit (see man for details)
#edquota aaa

Turn on quota
#quota -v /export
#quotacheck -v /export

To make it permanent next time you reboot, make sure you add the option quota in vfstab file for that file system

That's all folks
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Old 06-04-2003
follow up question....

if i set only useraaa for quota(500MB), what is the default value for those users i did not set any quota?

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