I know this is Unix....But Does anyone know something about Linux

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CPU & Memory

I have to login to a linux machine and I need help with chmoding a directory so that I may copy read and write to it if you know what muds are and you know about logging into a shell, then you know what im talking about! well thanks! Smilie
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If you wanted to have read and write permissions on a directory you would use:

<I>chmod 600 dirname</I>

<I>chmod 600 . </I>
for the current directory.

See <A HREF="https://www.unix.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=69">this previous thread</A> for a good chmod tutorial.

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CPU & Memory re: linux help

I also wanted execute on the directories....besides I am having the female that owns it set it so that I can chmod them as to like you said! thanks!

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