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Old 07-05-2002
CPU & Memory core file decoder needed


Remotely logged in to the UNIX server (HP B1000 Visual Server)
(Version HP-UX 10.20) by using the program Xapplauncher.
This is a application runs under Exceed.
(Exceed "version 6.1" is a Windows application to communicate with UNIX servers)

With no pre warnings the application was terminated and the connection to the UNIX server was disconected.
As a result of this a "core" file was created on the UNIX server.

Since this is not the first time this happened I would like to decode the "core" file to hopefully find out why this happened.

A quick search on the WEB did not give me any directions where to find such a decoder tool.

Who can help me getting the core decoder tool for HP-UX 10.20,
so I can read the core file and understand what is wrong.



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Old 07-05-2002
Please do state your OS and its Version. If Possible Error message of your System Crash (If You wanted to troubleshoot before taking other action).
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Old 07-05-2002
On HP-UX 10.20 the "file" command can tell you a little bit about the core file:
> file core
core: core file from 'sleep' - received SIGQUIT

That is the output I get from a core file that I intentionally created. And it's right, I did a "sleep 500" and then I sent a quit signal to the process.

To take it further, I would need to use a debugger. Usually that implies that the program needed to be built in a special way to enable the use of a particular debugger.

I could always do something like:
adb /usr/bin/sleep core
but this will be very rough since the sleep program has been stripped. adb, like all debuggers, is an interactive program. Knowing how to use it will require a lot of assembly language knowledge.

A core file is (basicly) the data and stack segments of the process. You can use programs like "strings" and "od" on it if you're looking for something in particular.
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