how to lock keyboard without using lock command

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Old 06-21-2002
Originaly Posted by trynew
Kelam_Magnus, yes, i got a cool idea than yours
bring along your keyboard and mouse when you leaving your computer... HAHA

Sorry for that!!!Smilie Smilie Smilie Smilie Smilie but could be one of the ideaSmilie Smilie Smilie
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lock_try_read(9r)														 lock_try_read(9r)

lock_try_read - General: Tries to assert a complex lock with read-only access SYNOPSIS
#include <kern/lock.h> boolean_t lock_try_read( lock_t lock_structptr ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to the complex lock structure, lock. This is the lock structure associated with the resource on which you want to try to assert a complex lock with read-only access. The lock structure is an opaque data structure; that is, its associated members are refer- enced and manipulated by the operating system and not by the user of the complex lock mechanism. DESCRIPTION
The lock_try_read routine tries to assert a complex lock (without blocking) with read-only access for the resource associated with the specified lock structure pointer. To release a complex lock with read-only access successfully asserted by lock_try_read, call the lock_done routine. NOTES
You must call lock_init (once only) prior to calling lock_try_read to initialize the lock structure pointer for the resource. A resource, from the kernel module's standpoint, is data that more than one kernel thread can manipulate. You can store the resource in global vari- ables and in data structure members. RETURN VALUES
The lock_try_read routine returns one of the following values: The attempt to acquire the read-only complex lock was successful. The attempt to acquire the read-only complex lock was unsuccessful. FILES
Routines: lock_done(9r), lock_terminate(9r), lock_try_write(9r), lock_write(9r) Data Structures: lock(9s) lock_try_read(9r)