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Old 04-17-2001

I just got a couple of Solaris boxes (real old, but free) and one of them is booting and says it is in read only mode. I ran fsck but with no change is there some option on fsck I need to use or what could this be? Thanks for any help

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Old 04-18-2001

Originally posted by jwbrown
I just got a couple of Solaris boxes (real old, but free) and one of them is booting and says it is in read only mode. I ran fsck but with no change is there some option on fsck I need to use or what could this be? Thanks for any help

This could be a problem with the root slice..So boot from the CD and try checking ur root slice using fsck.Or there might be a script in one of ur RC directories which boots the os in read-only mode.Write again.
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Old 04-18-2001
As I recall, mounting disks read-only is a normally a function of the mount command. For example, in the /etc/fstab file (file system table) there are flags which can be used to specify 'read-only' when booted/mounted. You might find your similar file (not sure where it is on Solaris) and check to see the mount flags.
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Old 04-18-2001
Under Solaris that file would be /etc/vfstab.
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Old 04-18-2001
read only

Okay, to boot from the cd is there anything special I most do? On pc's you have to adjust the cmos settings, anything for SUN?

Also, I did look at the /etc/vfstab file, but I don't now what would make be read only...Would it be possible to show me an example of the read only setting?

Thanks for all the help to all.
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Old 04-18-2001

I don't know if this will change anything, but the OS is 4.1.2. I am going to upgrade this but I first need to fix this. Thanks
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Old 04-18-2001
To boot from the CD, simply put the CD in the drive, as toor type halt to bring you down to the OK prompt (or press "stop" & "a" at the same time). From the OK prompt, type;
boot cdrom
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