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Old 06-01-2002
CPU & Memory Unix Oracle Track

I was wondering if anybody thinks that going through a tech school for Unix--Oracle based classes is worth paying 6 to 10 grand on it..I really want to learn Unix, so I bought a book on it, but I really want to impliment what Iam learning from the book, is the class route a better way or are there sources and tools on the internet that allow one to do on my own...??
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Old 06-01-2002
Re: Unix Oracle Track

Hi dear,

If you have all that zeal and if you have all the reources (books and a comp with unix/linux installed then i really dont think that you should really join any class. and again you also have unix.xom at your help Smilie

so bon voyage

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Old 06-01-2002
I live in Dallas. The major Junior College here offers Oracle courses.

You might look in your town. Houston, I am guessing at the local state college or Junior college.

Those very expensive courses are usually only a week or so. And your retention from them is usually not great. I would take a course a local college. Also, you can buy versions of Oracle that run on NT or Windows, or Unix even.

Load them and get a few good books on oracle. here is a very good site for getting oracle books. It is very reputable site. I have used it for several years.


Also, there is www.bookpool.com. AND http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=HOME

You can even go to www.Oracle.com to get books and some downloads as well.

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